The Russian Television and Radio  Broadcasting Company  (RTRBC) – one of the biggest media holdings, leader on the national media market in Russia, is among the leading producers of TV programs. Having big reputation and importance, the company RTRBC is a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

One of the international projects of RTRBC is “RTR-Planeta” – a 24-hour information and entertainment TV channel in Russian, which is broadcast for the worldwide audience. During its more than 14 years of history, the cannel has gained  much popularity abroad and now takes high-rank positions among the major international Russian-speaking TV channels. Currently, the channel is covered by most of the networks of the prepaid TV providers in many countries around the world, including Bulgaria.

Today, the audience of “RTR-Planeta” has reached more than 30 million TV viewers worldwide.

The program of RТR-Planeta includes the best TV shows of the local Russian channels, such as “Russia-1”, “Russia-К”, “My Planet” and the rest of the channels of the holding. The contents of the TV channel include news and analysis, entertainment and educational show programs,  movies and series, documentaries and intellectual programs for the traditional and modern culture of Russia. Through breaking news and live coverage, documentaries and special projects, the programs reflect the most important national and international events.

The various and attractive contents of the program attract wide range of TV viewers in front of the TV screen. Russian citizens living and staying abroad represent a significant part of the fixed  audience, but it also includes residents of other states who are interested in the Russian culture or who study Russian.